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LAPLAND WITH KIDS - Winter Edition

We bet it's a dream of many children around the world to meet the ‘real’ #Santa. As we all know, the white bearded guy and his helpers are hard at work right here in Lapland. Other than our very own celebrity, #Lapland gives every kid a chance to enter a real-life winter wonderland - a magical holiday, unlike any other.

As #traveling with #kids can always be a bit of a challenge (we’ve been there..), we’ve gathered our top #tips and thoughts to help you out before you start booking!

Photo by: @Visit Rovaniemi – The Official Hometown of Santa Claus



Lapland is big and where to stay can be essential to your trip. Traveling with kids and changing accommodations can be a bit of a hassle, which is why we recommend finding a good base to settle into and enjoying your activities from there. Lapland has some great options to offer, depending on what you and your family are looking for - below our top two.

The capital of Lapland, that rests right on the arctic circle. It's a great spot to stay, as you have various activities, restaurants and things to do right around the corner. The location offers many accommodation options from hotels, airbnb’s to cozy family cottages. #Rovaniemi also happens to be the home of the famous Santa Claus Village and Santa Park, two places every kid (and adult) will have a blast visiting. Rovaniemi also has an airport and a train station, so traveling to and from is easy and hassle free.

Just 90 km from Rovaniemi, #Pyhä is a perfect destination if you’re looking to take your family a little deeper into the wilderness. With the Pyhä-Luosto National Park right next door, you have a unique opportunity to explore breathtaking nature trails through various winter activities. On top of that you and your family can give skiing a go and slide down Pyhätunturi’s hillsides at Pyhätunturi Ski resort. If it's your first time on the slopes, you can even take a family skiing lesson to prepare you all for the fun activity. Stay in a traditional log cabin in the woods to make your family stay that much more memorable.


The snow itself already creates the perfect natural playground for kids. Get together to build a snowman or the world's coolest fort, through some snow balls and slide down snowy hills. Put on your winter gear and enjoy the outdoors. As you’ve made it all over to Lapland, you should also choose some unique activities to experience. Below you can find our favorite kid-friendly activities to enjoy with the whole #family! SNOWMAN WORLD The place where all winter activities come together. One ticket that combines all the fun that there is to do in the snow. Get a pair of ice skates and leave your marks on the ice, choose your slide and glide down snowy hills, sip something warm and admire the many ice sculptures around. The Snowman also has a snow restaurant for a tasty snack and an impressive ice bar for a drink or two.

Picture by: Snowman World

This thrilling activity will take you and your kids through a fast paced ride in the outbacks of Lapland. The children will get a seat on a special sleigh pulled by the skilled guides and enjoy the views as you explore the grounds. You will get to have a warm break around a fire with some delicious snacks and hot drinks. A truly unforgettable experience from the smallest to the oldest members of the family!

The official winter spot is filled with traditional Lappish activities, the great big man and many shops to wander around. Greet Rudolf and his friends and maybe even let them pull you in a sleigh, let your kids whisper their wishlist right into Santa’s ear, get some souvenirs for your loved ones and cross the official point into the arctic circle. Take the time to enjoy the never ending Christmas spirit of this Village.

You can’t go wrong with dogs, and definitely not these ones. At the Husky farm you get to hear about the life of husky herders, meet the furry ones and even hop on an exciting sleigh ride. It’s an activity that both you and the little ones will enjoy to the fullest.


The true christmas expedition that will take your children through a mystical experience. The park is filled with various activities that will keep everyone occupied and excited throughout. Give your kids the chance to learn what it takes to become a real life elf at elf school, pay a visit to Santa’s office and whisper your wishes to him directly, be amazed by the skills of the acrobat elfs at the Elf Show and more. If there’s one place where the #Christmas #spirit truly comes to life it's here. *NOTE:


  • THIS YEAR: 19.11.2022 – 7.1.2023




Often we get asked if there’s an age limit to enjoy Lapland. As much as we want to say ‘no’, because we truly believe kids of all ages will find this place thrilling, there are some great things to take into consideration. As their temperature can drop quite low and there is a lot of winter gear involved, it is often easier for families to travel with kids who have passed the age of four. Kids at this age can already make the best of what Lapland has to offer, enjoy the activities and actually remember their visit. At this age it's already possible to run around and experience most attractions without the helping hand of a parent. This allows freedom for the children and parents alike. DURATION There are some companies that offer 1 day trips to Lapland to enjoy a taste of Christmas and maybe this works great for some. We believe a slightly longer holiday, especially as you travel with kids, would be a better idea. Staying at least 2-3 nights allows you to enjoy the essential activities without having to rush. If you wish to explore a little more, relax and maybe take a day to ski down slopes, we recommend staying for longer. Let us know your wishes and will help you decide on the duration.


Sometimes shorter is better. Rather than doing a full day of one activity, try dividing the activities into shorter periods. Depending on the age of your kids, some activities may be exhausting and long periods may soon become frustrating rather than fun. It’s good to remember that kids can lose patience a little quicker than us adults, which is why at times opting for the shorter duration may just be the perfect decision. Don’t worry, we will help you choose the right length for each activity you pick with us.


This one is for everyone - adults and youngsters alike. Layers are essential inorder to keep enjoying the outdoors. Remember that the winter temperature in Lapland is quite cold and can be a drastic change to what you’re used to. The weather does however not stop us from enjoying all the wonderful things the outdoors have to offer. The key thing to remember is L-A-Y-E-R-S. Click here, to make sure your packing list is on point.


It's always good to pack some snacks along for your kids to avoid unwanted meltdowns in the freezing temperatures. Snow activities can really take a lot of energy and the cold may affect your natural eating habits in a funny way. Have some bars, biscuits, a warm Finnish korvapuusti (cinnamon bun) at hand and be on the clear. One of our favorite things to bring along is a thermos with warm juice or hot cocoa - like a warm hug in a cup.


From November to January the days in Lapland are quite short, meaning it may be a little darker than what you and your kids are used to. Don’t be afraid though, unlike the myths make it sounds, it is not completely pitch dark during the days and actually when the sun is out, it lays beautifully on the horizon creating mesmerizing shades of blue and purple. And even when the sun fully sets, the fun doesn’t stop - there’s loads we do even in the darker hours. If you want to enjoy the snow activities with sunshine, we recommend visiting Lapland later in the winter around the end of February to the end of March.


Lapland is an amazing destination for families and one of those trips that your children will cherish for a long time. There is plenty to do and a lot of the activities will be new and exciting both for you and your kids. Creating memories together is a beautiful way to connect to one another - contact us and jump into a once-in-a-life-time experience!

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