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Lapland For The Thrill-Seeker

Are you a person who constantly looks for slight danger? Do you enjoy feeling the adrenaline rush wake your senses? If you answered yes for the above, then Lapland won’t let you down.

Below you can find our Top 5 Thrill-seeker activities Lapland has to offer.


Set the engine running and drive through the untouched parts of Lapland on an unforgettable ride. Speed on top of the thick ice, loop around frosty forests and uncover new landscapes. On your snowmobile ride you get to explore nature at an exhilarating speed. If you wish to add something more spice to the mix, you can do an overnight safari where you get to sleep out in the wild whilst you cover more land. Ready to go - read more here. 2. ICE RALLY DRIVING

Do you consider yourself a good driver? Well this activity will surely put your driving skills to the test. Ice rally driving is an exciting experience which allows you to safely explore the arctic weather conditions with a proper rally race car. Drift, turn, slide and glide through the ice and snow. This is some high-speed-action and will feed any adrenaline junkies needs. Race your friends, try your luck with the funny car and more! To find out more click here.


Let the wind swirl you around the snowy hills of Lapland and get sweeped to new grounds. With this activity you get to hop on your skis or snowboard and use your kite to travel through the icy lakes or up and down mountainous terrain taking in the sights and sounds of untouched wilderness. If you’re a trick master, you can practice your skills and put up the gear to a higher, more thrilling speed. Read this to find out more about what your snowkiting experience can look like.


Biking is not just for the summer time - this activity will serve you all year around. During the winter time, the snow and ice trails that curve through the forests add an extra layer of excitement to the action. You get to admire the snow blanketed trees and discover the unique area of Lapland. To find out more about this exhilarating ride, head here.


Grab an ice ax and face the great ice wall. This is a great activity for anyone with a heart for adventure and a willingness to challenge oneself. You will get to feel the great feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top and admire the breathtaking views. Find out more about this icy challenge here. BONUS: SNOWBOARDING AND SKIING

These classic activities will of course give you the excitement you’ve been looking for! With snowboarding and skiing you create your challenges and decide the speed. Want to go crazy and fast - do it! If it's your first time trying the sport, Lapland's best teachers will help you get the hang of it and enjoy the snow.

The North is filled with blood pumping activities. If this is how you like to spend your holiday or perhaps wish to add a little spice to some of your more relaxing days, let us know and will make sure you will get the excitement you’ve been craving for!

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