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Photo by: Visit Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi, the vibrant capital of Lapland and the official hometown of Santa Claus is located right in the middle of the mesmerizing Nordic nature. It offers various exciting activities to explore and is just a stone throw away from all the exhilarating experiences Lapland has to offer.

The city of Rovaniemi is approximately 829km from Helsinki and can be easily accessed by either car, train or plane. It’s an urban area that offers a wide range of things to do from cultural events to sports activities and excursions in the breathtaking wilderness. You can enjoy a meal in some of the greatest restaurants, grab a drink at a local bar, sleep in luxury hotels or even the magical glass igloos and learn more about the region and its culture in fascinating museums. Grab a pair of skis or hop on a fat bike and take on the hilly landscapes. What makes Rovaniemi truly special is the way it allows one to enjoy both the holistic feels of nature and the buzzing rhythm of the city all at once. 


As the first snow and ice cover the land, a magical holiday atmosphere fills the entire city. The freezing weather combined with the warm rays of the sun make Rovaniemi the perfect place for skiing, ice skating, sledding or deep snow walking. Apart from the traditional activities you can also enjoy winter attractions like snowmobiles, icebreaker cruises, mountain biking, husky safaris and more. Play around in the snow, chase the dancing lights of the North and take a moment to say hello to our very own Santa Claus. Rovaniemi ties together the winter holiday of your dreams.

As exceptional as the winter is, it is not the only time of the year in Rovaniemi that offers excitement. In the spring thick layers of ice and snow slowly melt away allowing the ground to turn green, the buds to sprout and the rivers to thaw. This phase in the cycle of nature gives one the opportunity to capture the most dramatic and stunning photographs and enjoy the changing season. When the summer arrives you can bask in the midnight sun, spend time on the riverbank or on a quiet lake, hike in the green forests and splash away doing different water activities. In the fall, the leaves change colors creating a dreamy color palette for the eyes to enjoy while mushrooms of all kinds appear on the ground and berries fill the bushes with Lapland’ s very own cloudberry fruit amongst them. Fall is the time of transformation and the special moment when the first northern lights paint the sky.

No matter the time of the year, having Rovaniemi as your base allows you to enjoy thrilling winter activities in the outbacks of Lapland while coming back to dine right in the center of an urban city and slipping into fresh hotel sheets - what more could you ask for. Visit Rovaniemi and discover Lapland in the smoothest and greatest way possible. 

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